Consistent Persistence


After a job search of more than three months, my husband is employed once again (yippee!). The company he will be working for and the package they offered him are both pretty sweet. It was worth the wait. And we couldn’t be more giddy.

Because it’s been a long haul. It’s difficult enough to manage one’s finances under such circumstances, but the real challenge is maintaining a healthy and positive state of mind and heart. To keep balancing hope and reality, and moving forward with what needs to be done, even when you are feeling discouraged, is no small feat.

I think we both handled the stress fairly well, but I truly applaud his dogged tenacity in the face of that stress. He just kept at the tedious (often demoralizing) work of reading listings, sending resumes, dealing with agencies, and going to interviews. It was his consistent persistence that won him the job of his dreams. And his tenacity was sorely tested by the temptation to do the safe thing. To hold fast to what he knew he wanted for himself, what was best for him and our future, without compromise, took tremendous courage and strength of character.

And that forced me to be true to myself and my work as well. I was equally as tested by the temptation to do the safe thing, rather than the right thing. I feel like I won a staring match with the devil. I came so close to blinking first.

What helped me to overcome my fears was to go that deepest part of myself where I know what I want, remind myself of what that is, then bring all of my creativity to making that possible. It’s very easy to slip into simplistic thinking when you are afraid and make decisions on assumptions that aren’t true. For example, I had to brainstorm all the different ways we could earn more money (and I was a bit surprised by how long my list was) in order to shut down that little voice that kept telling me the only solution was for me to return to a corporate job. And I had to quiet that voice – just thinking about a traditional job tied my stomach up in knots (in the end, it literally made me sick – I’m just getting over one of the most stubborn colds I’ve had in years).

The upside of being tested, of rejecting temptation, is that I’m experiencing more clarity and energy in my business than I have in a long time. I’m truly excited about what I’m doing and sharing that with others.

Consistent persistence really works. Thanks, Universe, for the lesson. And the abundance.

It was darkest before the dawn, but I’m really happy we are here to see such a beautiful sunrise.

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