I’m Back

I stopped writing this blog eight weeks ago because I liked it too much.  How funny is that?  Not so much funny like ha ha, but funny like odd.

As in, “Isn’t is funny how persistent the Puritan work ethic is?”  Well, perhaps it isn’t fair to blame the Puritans entirely, but somehow I inherited a work ethic that says work and fun are not the same thing – in fact, if I am having fun, it’s definitively not work.  Oh, and work is better than play.  I know it’s silly – have known it for some time now – but unlearning that belief has had its share of occasional setbacks.  And this was one of them.

I think I was afraid of losing my focus – and I did feel I had more important priorities in my work (cleaning all those piles).  But it turned out that denying myself the time to write (along with other creative endeavors) just sucked all the momentum and satisfaction out of everything. In hindsight, it’s likely that writing daily about what I was doing would actually have helped me keep my focus and momentum – and finish the last of those piles!  And I would have had more fun along the way.

So, in addition to reviving my attentions to this blog, I renew my greater commitment to follow my heart with more trust.  If I’m enjoying myself, I know there is a reason – even if it’s not obvious, even if it doesn’t fit neatly into my schedule or current business plan.  Sooner or later, all will be revealed if I quiet my (over)thinking mind and just listen to my joy.


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