strawberriesStrawberries are in season in Oregon. What a treat to be able to go out to the backyard and pick a bite of summer. But our young plants are not very prolific yet, so I had the pleasure of spending Sunday afternoon at a u-pick farm and stocking up on strawberry goodness. Now we have at least a summer’s worth tucked away in the freezer to enjoy, with just enough leftover to get us through the lower points of winter, when we can’t remember what summer feels like and it seems it will never arrive again…

The official first day of summer and the weather in Portland actually coincided this year. After a long, cool spring, summer has arrived at last and beautiful, sunny, warm days are forecast for the coming week. Yay!

In addition to having a flexible schedule, I consider one of the really great perks of being self-employed is having an equally flexible desk. The time has arrived to clean the patio, tune-up the laptop and start working outside – with cool lemonade or iced tea at hand instead of a hot cup of coffee…

[This is why I’ll never be suitable again for mainstream office work. Why would I ever want to give up these sorts of benefits?]

I love word origins and couldn’t resist looking up “solstice” before writing this post. It comes from the Latin sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). Reading that I thought to myself how perfect. Summer is such a great time of year to stand still, to put some of our usual activities on pause and slow down enough to really savor this season of warmth, bounty and play.

* * * * * * * * * *

Do you change your activities and schedule according to the seasons? If so, how?


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