If You Build It, Will They Come?

Earlier this year, I was talking with someone who had launched a new business. She had done a fantastic job of setting things up and marketing, but was then in that stage of nervous waiting… Was this really going to work? Would anybody want her services? What if no one signed up? I assured her that I knew from my own experience that she already had momentum, even if she couldn’t feel or see it; that it was out there, building – and seemingly all of the sudden clients would be waiting in line for her services. She just had to be consistently persistent in her marketing, even when nothing came of it right away.

I had occasion to recall this conversation this week. I’ve launched the workshop series: everything is in place and I’m promoting like mad, telling everyone who might be interested all about it. But after the marketing, there is still the nervous waiting… the patience with the silence, the hopeful trust that people are talking, even if not immediately to me. I’ve been through this before, so I know it will work out – but it’s still a bit nerve wracking.

Of course, my ego wants instant validation and gratification. And then there is the fear of rejection – what if no one wants this brilliant thing I’m so excited about, that I’ve put so much of my heart and mind into? What if no one comes to my party? Ouch. [ there go the hamsters running madly on the wheels of my worried mind ]

But ego and fear are not great counselors. I have to go to that deeper, calmer, confident part of myself that knows how and why to be patient and persistent.

I’ve built it, and they will come.

* * * * * * * * * *

It’s not so much slow as steady that wins the race. How do you continue moving forward even when you’re not getting an immediate return on your efforts? How do you know when to be patient and when to change tactics?


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