A Few of My Favorite Things – Day 1

I like to think about my thinking. And while I believe mindset is a big part of success, I perhaps do it a bit too much – at least on this blog. It feels time to bring things back down to earth and focus on the practical for awhile. So today begins a series on my favorite tools of the trade: goodies that make life – especially the preparation and maintenance parts – simpler and easier.

ONE: Clear Containers
I picked this up from Lee Silber who writes the best organizing advice for right-brainers. If you are visual, but you need to put stuff “away,” put it in clear containers. That way it’s all tidy, but not out of sight and thus out of mind.

Thankfully, the people who design and manufacture storage systems have made this easy. There is a great variety of drawers and bins to choose from – most quite affordable. Mine came from Target, Staples and Fred Meyer, although I’m sure with a bit of patience similar items could have been found on Craigslist or Freecycle, or in thrift stores. Of course, there’s Storables or The Container Store for the ultimate in storage selection.

Small office supplies – pens, paper clips, scissors, rubber bands, post-it notes, etc. are housed in a small 3-drawer set on my desk. Small art supplies are similarly stored in the same container on my studio shelves. The studio shelves are also stacked with clear bins that keep my stash of materials in some sort of retrievable order (you can’t be inspired by what you can’t find).

The bookshelf next to my desk doesn’t actually hold many books. Instead papers are stored in magazine files (super-cheap cardboard ones from Ikea – wait, maybe Ikea is the ultimate), stacking trays, baskets, or clear binders. No labels necessary, no hunting through drawers or boxes – it’s all out where I can see it. Yet there is order – like is grouped with like, and I can easily retrieve what I need. It’s kind of like vertical piling and think that’s why it works.

Tomorrow: my love affair with three-ring binders.

* * * * * * * * * *

What are your favorite storage tools?


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