Take Heed & Prepare

If you’ve been reading this blog for any time at all you know I discuss the importance of preparation and maintenance a lot. So you’d think I’d have a good handle on that sort of thing wouldn’t you? But this week, I was bitten in the behind not once, not twice, but three times by the lack of proper preparation and maintenance.

I’m offering new subscribers to my newsletter one free Get-in-Gear-Friday session in August. I posted the offer to my website without thinking through how I would follow that up. I’ve since repaired the oversight and put proper systems in place, but it left at least one new subscriber just hanging out there… wondering. Not good.

Since I work “virtually” most of my written correspondence is conducted via email, but I do occasionally need to print something on letterhead. Did it occur to me to update my layouts for letterhead, envelopes and mailing labels when I recently updated my business card, website and other marketing materials? Uh, no. Until yesterday when I went to type a letter on… what? An ancient and inappropriate layout that took me ages to find on my computer. #@^*! The time I had designated for letter writing was instead devoted to updating some of the most basic collateral essential to my business (and then filing it properly).

I’m all enamored of late with writing via dictation. I have discovered I do not write at all the way I talk. A completely different angle on a subject comes out in speech. So I’ve been recording my thoughts with the idea of transcribing them myself, outsourcing that, or using speech recognition software. Time will tell if it is the brilliant and efficient strategy I think it is. But I can’t get anywhere with it if I can’t save the large audio files because my hard drive is too full. Once again time intended for writing was diverted to housekeeping that should have been done regularly and long ago. Argh.

I am trying to be kind to myself about it all and embrace the reminder – prepare, prepare, prepare – but I’m still irked with myself. The interruptions and the fact that I know better are both really irritating.

So let my stumbling this week be a gentle warning to you all: take the time to plan ahead, finish what you start, and clean up your messes – your workflow will thank you.


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