Bright Shiny Object or Dull Rusty Trinket?

I think we’ve all experienced the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome. You know – the ideas, people and pursuits that seem so brilliant at the time, but often turn out to be distractions in disguise, seducing us away from our true purpose and focus.

But I was reminded yesterday that there is also the Dull Rusty Trinket Syndrome – those less than ideal things we think we have to settle for or put up with to get what we want. Many of my to-do’s, including posting to this blog, went undone yesterday as I toyed with my chosen DRT – at least until I regained my perspective (whew!).

Both the Bright Shiny Object and the Dull Rusty Trinket are about what we think we need to do to get what we want, just at opposite ends of the spectrum – opposing illusions pulling us away from our center, our core. We are susceptible in moments of doubt, when things aren’t quite going the way we would like them to, when we are looking for quick fixes to our fears.

Since these temptations will present themselves from time to time, it’s good to have some checks and balances in place, some means of evaluating a change in your course of action before you charge down a particular path – whether it’s talking with someone who knows you and your purpose well (my choice), tracking how you feel about how you are using your time, or reviewing your mission statement or business plan (or all of the above).

Be vigilant in recognizing the Bright Shiny Objects and the Dull Rusty Trinkets for what they are – and courageous in resisting both of them, in business and in life.


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