Me? S.A.D.? No way. (Yes way.)

I grew up in Alaska, so have always thought myself quite capable of handling the darker days of winter.

At least, I thought so until last winter. Ugh. Tired. Cranky. Depressed. As I told one sympathetic friend, it was like having PMS for 120 days in a row.

Seasonal Affective Disorder? Me? The gal who grew up going to school in the dark and coming home in the dark? Me? No way.

Apparently, yes way. (Must be one of the charming parts of aging.)

Not wanting to risk going through that again, on the advice of said sympathetic friend, I am purchasing a sunrise alarm clock in anticipation of our waning sunlight. [Interesting footnote: In her experience, the positive effect of the alarm clock lasts all day, but using a light therapy lamp is like drinking a cup of coffee – you feel good for a little while, but the effect is only temporary.]

Her advice included the observation that life got a lot better when she stopped denying it and just dealt with it. And isn’t that true of most things?

So, here goes…

* * * * * * * * * *

What do you know you need to do to take better care of yourself, but aren’t doing? If you did, how would that improve your work in and on your business? How might it make things less of a struggle and change your life for the better? And how hard would it really be to do?

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