I think I just unblocked my chi…

So much for a relaxing holiday weekend of leisure.

No, the energy of the changing seasons motivated me to clean.  Which was good.

For starters, for the first time in months, I can see the top of my dining room table.  It had been serving as a sort of staging area for the remainders of other cleaning efforts – all the weird stuff left over that I didn’t know what to do with.  Funny thing was, I’ve been putting off this task for ages, but in the end it just wasn’t that big a deal to take care of.  Never ceases to amaze me how things we don’t want to do expand in our minds beyond all proportion – and how it is so easily cured with a bit of focused activity.

I also finished a studio rearrange that I started months ago.  Materials I’m actively using are upstairs in my workspace, conveniently at hand.  The less immediate stuff is downstairs, neatly stored and ready to go.  For the first time in years, I actually know what I have – which is inspiring in itself.  And I have room to move, which makes “making” that much easier.  Yay.

Cleaning the studio meant cleaning the basement, which remains a work in progress.  I probably have another weekend of sorting and purging.  But like my dining table and studio, there is room to move and I have easy access to what I use and want – and that feels superb.  My legs are tired from so many trips up and down the stairs and I’m not sure I’m ever going to stop sneezing, but it was totally worth it.

Some nesting, domestic thing kicked in, too – as though my subconscious knows I’m going to be spending a lot more time indoors soon, so I might as well make it as pleasant as possible.

So, out came the artwork that has been in storage for much too long since we finished our remodel.  I guess it was so nice to have clean, freshly-painted and colorful walls, we didn’t miss more personal details like art and other embellishments until quite recently. Unfinished window treatments were also undertaken (with a lot of help from my mother – thanks Mom!).  A few details remain to get everything in place and working, but what we accomplished so far has made a huge difference.

As much as I got done, I still came away from the weekend with a list of decor to-do’s – which kind of cracks me up.  I mean, after all that work, how can there be more to do?  But there is and that’s fine.  Many are little projects that I will enjoy – like sewing throw pillows and that sort of thing.

What I love even more than all the space and access I’ve created, is how cleaning and organizing clears the way for new things to happen.  With a clean basement, we have room to tackle the remodel of the laundry room and my husband’s office.  With an organized studio, I’ll make more art.  With a comfortable and attractive house, I’ll welcome more people into it.  My stuff has been literally and figuratively blocking my way – but now there is renewed energy and flow in our home.

hmmm…  Makes me wonder if I’ve been engaging in feng shui without realizing it…


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