On Seasonal Changes

As fall deepens and the days darken, I can feel the corresponding shift in energy in my body. These days I feel about as foggy as some recent Portland mornings.

My new sunrise alarm clock is helping (I think), but it’s clearly going to take a bit more than that to effectively manage my change in mood.

A commitment to self-care seems paramount for the winter – exercise, healthy food, vitamins, rest.  Getting outside, especially when it’s sunny, but even when it’s not.  Upping the fun factor (as in: all work and no play, makes Cairene a cranky, cranky girl). Not pushing so hard and pacing myself.

I’ve also decided to work with rather than against myself this year.  I can approach this as a problem to be struggled with or an opportunity to be seized. Having tried the former last year (ew), the latter seems the more appealing alternative.

Because it’s not that I don’t want to do things.  It’s that I want to do things that are not at the top of my to-do list.  As always happens this time of year, I feel a huge pull to spend most of my time in the studio, rather than at the computer writing.  And what’s wrong with that? (other than it’s not what I had planned for the final quarter of the year). It’s just a matter of shifting some projects from the back burner to the front burner. Voila! new plan.

I’ve known for some time that I need to have different schedules for different seasons of the year – but the real extent of that has truly impressed itself on me this autumn.

I think one of the “rules” of business we follow without question is that work should be more or less the same year-round.  And if it’s not – it’s a problem that needs fixing with more marketing or whatever. But we are seasonal creatures who live in nature.  We are not made to function that way.  And neither are our clients or customers.

How much better could our businesses and lives be if we worked according to the seasons?

* * * * * * * * * *

Do you keep different schedules for different times of the year?  Does your work change with the seasons?


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