My Inner Veruca Salt Gets a Time-Out

Egged on by all the economic doom and gloom, I’ve recently found myself in a very nagging and demanding relationship with my business. “Why aren’t you doing more for me!” I’ve whined in frustration. “Hurry up already!” Of course, such temper tantrums have not gotten me what I wanted any more than they did as a screaming toddler. My business has responded with a “time out” as swiftly as my mother would have.

During an especially impatient Veruca Salt moment last week, I had the presence of mind to get quiet and ask my business what it needs from me rather than focusing on the reverse (an inexplicable moment of maturity that arrived from out of the blue, thank goodness). And here’s what it asked for: fearless, naked authenticity. “It might work better,” said my friend THW, “To just plainly share what you are most passionate about without all this worry and drama getting in the way.” Whoa.

Once I let that sink in, a desperate moment of really not knowing what to do next just… shifted. I stopped pushing on the door marked pull. And – would you believe it? – totally surprising and wonderful things have already come through that opening.

What that means for the moment is my weekly newsletter will return to being twice-monthly (which is what it seems to want to be anyway – I’m just making it official). And maybe I’ll blog every week day, but maybe I won’t. Because I have a lot of other fearless, naked and authentic writing to do. Revised classes are in the works, along with other cool stuff. I’ll share more as soon as they are ready.

* * * * * * * * * *

If you asked your business what it needs from you – what would it say?


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