If the last few months have taught us nothing else, it’s that we need to think and act differently about money –  in business and personally.  How we sell, how we buy.  How we earn, how we invest.  How we spend, how we save.  It just seems obvious to me – this necessary shift in how we determine the value of having or doing or offering something.

Yet I feel bombarded (and this probably has a lot to do with me spending way more time that usual with various media forms up through the election) with advertising that is all about 50% off.

Is it stupid of me to expect major manufacturers and retailers to notice that while our purchasing decisions might be about the least expensive option for necessities in the short-term, in the long-term it’s not going to be about cheap; it’s going to be about value? It’s going to be about a return on investment that has nothing to do with acquisition just for the sake of having more than the Joneses.  Our bank accounts can’t support it and neither can the planet.  Duh.  We know this (or are quickly learning).  So why are advertisers still hawking their goods and services to us like we’re idiots? Like enablers to addicts? Speak to what we really need and want: meaning, connection, purpose, change, doing and being over having.  We still have money to spend. We just need really good reasons to spend it. We’re becoming very choosy, so give us stories (and opportunities) that are about more than discounts. 50% off a mattress (or whatever) because it’s Veteran’s Day is not a good story/reason/opportunity unless you are doing something fantastic to help and honor real live veterans and their families.

* * * * * * * * * *

As micro-business owners, are we doing the same thing as big business?  Are we focused on cheap? Or are we promoting our goods or services in ways that are about genuine value?  Are we speaking in outdated marketing language or are we addressing the emerging realities and priorities of our clients and customers?

Note: Naomi Dunford of IttyBiz fame is releasing her Online Business School at noon PT today.  If you are wanting to think differently about how you earn – she’s got some great ideas. Check it out.


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