Become a Time Disciple with Me

I’m bringing back the True Discipline of Time Management class in a bigger and better form. If the following describes you, please consider joining me for an exploration of time, beginning February 16.

Overwhelmed. Overcommitted. Disorganized. Late. Forgetful.

You’re drained. Maybe a little panicked. Also feeling a bit guilty.

You feel “behind” all the time, yet are dogged by procrastination.
When doing one thing, you have the nagging feeling you should be doing something else.

It’s all work and no play these days.
You’re busy, but not with what matters.

You would give your left arm for more time in the studio. Or a good night’s sleep. Or time just to be.

So you buy a book.

Before sacrificing an appendage, you decide to get your hands on the latest bestseller about time-management (maybe you buy the matching day-planner, too) which either…

  • Never makes it out of the shopping bag.
  • or: Sits on your nightstand with a bookmark at the end of the first chapter. For months.
  • or: Is read from cover to cover, but just makes things worse. Like you have time for that.

Who does this guy think his system works for?!

It works for linear thinkers. Folks who dig a lot of structure. People with less independence in their work.

He hasn’t written that book for you. You’re nothing like that.

You need to create your own system.

You are rare. Unique. Delightful just the way you are. And nobody knows you better than you. Certainly not that productivity guru.

Besides, you know you want to do your own thing anyway. Admit it. Conformity is not your style.

But if you could figure out this time-management stuff by yourself, you wouldn’t be in this mess. You need some guidance to help you sort out what works for you and what doesn’t.

This class will show you how.

In creating your very own time-management strategy (which is really the process of changing your relationship with time), we will take advantage of your right-brain traits and put them to good use.

  • Instead of repetition and routine, we will focus on rhythm and pattern.
  • Instead of strict structures, we will allow for the flexibility and spontaneity that life and the creative muse demands.
  • Instead of logic and analysis, we’ll make decisions according to heart and intuition (intuition is a huge time-saver).
  • Instead of predetermined plans, we will be guided by feedback.
  • Instead of words and charts, our time will be shaped by resonant imagery.
  • Instead of a compartmentalizing, we will develop calendars that reflect a holistic and synergistic life.

You already have the answers. You just need a way to get at the information.

This stuff works.

I’ve been in that overwhelmed, overcommitted, disorganized, late, forgetful, drained, panicked, guilty place. Oh, things might have looked neat and tidy on the surface, but underneath – chaos. And a lot of struggle. Not to mention shame.

I had to find a different way of doing things or I was going to drown.

Conventional strategies didn’t work. Disciplining myself didn’t work – at least until I approached discipline in its true sense – to learn.

I became a Time Disciple. Through compassionate self-observation I learned how to organize my time and tasks in ways that feel natural and are effective.

I use this system every day because it works.

> get all the details about class content, format & registration

If you are ready to leave that overwhelmed, over-committed, disorganized, late, forgetful, drained, panicked, guilty place you’re in right now…

If you are tired of trying to force your activities into boxes on a calendar and discipline yourself to conform to a schedule…

If you just want to stay organized and get things done without all the fuss…

If you would like to stop punishing yourself and learn how to work with your own unique sense of time…

…please join me.

By this spring, you could be on your way to calm, prepared, on time, energized, confident – and ready for anything.


1 Response to “Become a Time Disciple with Me”

  1. 1 Sue Massey January 6, 2009 at 9:02 am

    I just stopped by your blog and thought I would say hello. I like your site design. Looking forward to reading more down the road.

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