Bite the Candy

bitethecandyGet-in-Gear Fridays are back. Except they aren’t on Fridays anymore and it’s not about getting in gear. The phrase feels a bit naggy, don’t you think? Like your mom asking you for the umpteenth time to clean your room. Like you aren’t already working hard enough. That is so not what these sessions are about. It’s about having guilt-free fun finishing something you’ve been putting off. It’s about discovering the treats at the bottom of your to-do list.

Which is why I gave it a new name.  And while I am quite enamored with this tootsie-pop metaphor I’ve got going on, I’m a little nervous that it sounds… naughty. That it implies something completely different from what I intend. I mean, I didn’t understand for the longest time why people thought the Cherry Poppin’ Daddies might have wanted to reconsider the name of their band. I’m naive that way.

I hope you like it as much as I do.  I hope you get it. I hope you think it’s fun(ny).  But if it’s totally inappropriate, you’ll tell me, won’t you? You know, in the way you’d tell me I have spinach in my teeth or toilet paper on my shoe? Thanks.

Here’s the dealio…

When we put something off – even a simple task – it can become encased in layers and layers of stories: our excuses for not doing it in the first place, our guilt about not having done it long ago, and so forth.

That unfinished task becomes a giant tootsie-pop of a to-do, yet at the center remains the yummy tootsie-roll goodness of having gotten the thing done.

And we we all know there are two ways to eat a tootsie pop: you can slowly lick your way to the center or you can just bite the candy and enjoy it now.

Sometimes you need to take your time. Sometimes you need to explore what your procrastination and resistance to this thing is all about. Sometimes you need to be patient with the process and yourself. Sometimes you need Havi. Or Jennifer.

But sometimes all you need is a period of focused time – along with a bit of guidance, accountability, encouragement, humor and comraderie – to finally get that tootsie-pop off your to-do list. And that’s what Bite the Candy sessions are here for. First session of 2009 will be Thursday, January 29.  learn more here


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