On the Nightstand

To find the exact wording of this little gem,

Every compromise you make becomes the quality of your next client.” (architect Glenn Murcutt, as quoted by Randy Gragg in an article that appeared in The Oregonian 11/29/04)

…I ended up scrounging through files of my old website.  I had almost completely forgotten that I used to do this thing I called “On the Nightstand.”

Years ago, The Oregonian interviewed people in Portland about what they were reading. The column was called “On the Nightstand” and ran in the Sunday Arts section of the newspaper. I loved it and was disappointed when it was discontinued, so this is my small attempt to fill the breach.  Book recommendations are only the beginning. There is more about other things seen, heard and experienced.”

[Again, so quaint. Like there was an actual lack of book recommendations out there. And remember when there was an Arts section, instead of a Living section?]

Except for some grievous violations of copyright in which I reprinted things I ought  not to have, it was pretty good.

  • what I was reading (I still haven’t finished Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell)
  • the music I was listening to (“Let’s just say it takes real talent to make you hear “I Could Have Danced All Night” anew, without picturing Audrey Hepburn.”)
  • a monologue I enjoyed
  • a poem I saw on the bus
  • hexahexaflexagons
  • an amazing photography exhibit I loved
  • “If you like to encourage the growth of new synapses in your brain, see this film. It’s delightful and endearing – and entirely unique.”
  • a recipe for lavender cookies
  • a lecture I attended:

As a kid, I was fascinated by my parents’ copy of Inside Shelley Berman and listened to the record many, many times over. To this day, during take-off whenever I fly on a plane, I still hear his words, “…and you roll, don’t you? and you roll and roll and roll and roll and you say to yourself: tonight to hell with science; tonight we aren’t going to make it.” He was funny, of course – but mostly he spoke quite passionately about the history of comedy. The child in me was quite star struck.”

I was blogging before there was blogging. And it was everyone’s favorite part of my website – which didn’t entirely make sense to me then, but I totally get it now.

What strikes me most, though, is I seem to have gotten out and about a lot more back then… Would I even have these diverse disoveries and experiences to share now if I was writing a more eclectic blog? Has it really become all business all the time?


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