Lessons Learned #7 – New Dance Steps

This post is part of a series that began here. By sharing my “lessons learned” I hope to illustrate the power of this daily practice of gentle self-observation. Please follow along and share your own.

Cutting myself some slack for not being able to predict the future.
Like, how can I know? Instead of beating myself up for not planning perfectly, remembering instead to leave some space for it to unfold and give myself a little wiggle room.

Learning new work patterns (as part of new kinds of work), is like learning a new dance.
Lots of going left when I should have gone right, stepping with the wrong foot, occasionally stepping ON feet, losing the beat, and lots of falling into giggles, feeling like a clutz and starting over again.  I expect I’ll get the hang of it here pretty soon and it’ll be loads more fun.

I’d prefer to start the week with a clean slate – tabula rasa, you know?
I’d like to give myself a decent chunk of time at the end of the week to tie up loose ends, clear my desktop (real and virtual) and put things in place for the coming week. I don’t like starting my week with tidying up and trying to remember what it was I doing and where I left off. (Afterthought: that might make it easier to leave it all behind over the weekend, too.)


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