Work According to the Seasons

I’m a big fan of adapting my work schedule according to the seasons.

Winter is a time for dormancy – to get quiet, listen, rest, repair, and prepare for the return of spring. Spring and fall tend to busy times of creation. But summer? Summer is to be savored.

It’s a time to take a break from so much doing, but not in the way winter is. It’s a time to make shifts that allow me to really enjoy the bounty of it all. It’s a time to play.

[ I mean, it’s just going to ag me to be stuck at my desk on a beautiful warm sunny day, so why set myself up for that? ]

I suppose some would feel more in sync with all that ripens in the coming months by being equally productive. But for me, it’s a time to be nourished and replenished before another season of doing by all the warmth, light, fresh produce, outdoor events, travel, fellowship and fun that is summer.

I’ve just started reading Waverly Fitzgerald’s book Slow Time, which I love so much I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to buy all of her Natural Planners and Holiday Packets (and maybe even make it required reading for my time management course! okay maybe not, just highly recommended).  I’ve more or less intuitively found my way to adjusting my schedule throughout the year, but it’s so great to have found a resource that affirms and expands so intelligently on that impulse, and healing one’s relationship with time in general. Check out her School of the Seasons and be inspired as I have.

How are you making the most of whatever the change in seasons means to you? Instead of trying to pack yet more into your schedule, how can you make adjustments that allow you to really savor the delights of summer?


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