Gratitude Learned

It’s Friday. Time to share my Lessons Learned for the week.

I learned I can survive a heat wave.

I learned I still suck at estimating how much I can realistically do in week. Especially during a heat wave. When my arms hurt.

I think maybe I know more about what triggers my ouchie arms. (Put that in the two-steps-forward-one-step-back column.)

I learned (again) how much I love Twitter – and (again) how I need to be clear with myself about when it’s best to be in that space (as in: not all the time).

Creating systems isn’t always sexy. Writing about how to create systems? I learned also sometimes not sexy. Had to remind myself of what I tell my students: Pace yourself.

I learned I must follow Anne Lamott’s fine example and carry index cards with me everywhere, or I will lose those random but lovely gifts from my muse.

And my daily sheets are full of little practical tweaks like:

  • add more about ritual to course material
  • better protect access to files
  • test delivery systems
  • set timer for each call of BTC, not just block and put different time zones in notes, so you don’t have to figure it out each time

But the rest of it? It’s more a list of things I’m oh-so thankful for – Gratitude Realized more than Lessons Learned…

I learned I adore my clients and students. They are so smart and brave and funny and beautiful. I am so so lucky to have them in my life.

I’m grateful that anyone reads this blog ever, let alone shares their thoughts about my ideas. Wow.

I’m grateful for the wonder that is the internet and how it has connected me with such wonderful people and experiences. (You know who you are, you generous souls. I adore you too.)

I am deeply thankful to the inventor of the fan.

I praise all that is holy that my parent’s basement is cooler than ours.

I am grateful for all the abundance – everything from more garden veggies than we can barely eat to more delightful connections and opportunities than I can almost compass.

Yes, there’s room for improvement. But on the whole, there is still more than enough. And I am satisfied.

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