Lists (but not to-do lists).

Seems like a good day for some lists…

If you follow me on Twitter today you can learn ten reasons to become a Time Disciple with me this fall. [Have I mentioned the early bird price ends tomorrow? No? Well, now you know.]

But in addition to composing my own, I’ve been reading some darn good ones, too. Maybe that’s what inspired me.

Ken over at Mildly Creative posted not one, but two this week (don’t know how this guy consistently turns out such smartness – there’s nothing mild about his creativity). My Inner Delete Button – 7 Things I’m Trashing from My Life and The Resistance List: An Overview of Everything You’re Avoiding.

Similarly, Charlie, my productivity-crush over at Productive Flourishing, explained How To Mind Map Your Way Through Stuckness (a mind map counts as a list in my book).

While uber-smart Kelly at over at Copylicious explained the first step in creating an itinerary for doing nothing is to make a list of your bucket-filling activities. Which is the sort of thing you want to read as you think about unplugging for the weekend (nudge – it’s right around the corner – nudge).

Inspired too? What’s your top-ten (or three or seven) for today? Share it with us!

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3 Responses to “Lists (but not to-do lists).”

  1. 1 Cairene August 20, 2009 at 7:32 am

    I’ll start…

    Pet names (ha!) for my dog, Max:

    – Prince Maximum
    – Princess Max (hey now, the vet started that one)
    – Boobaloo
    – Poochaloo
    – Doodlebug
    – Doodlekaboodle
    – just Doodle

    and this morning, out of my mouth came:
    – Doodlicious

    Maybe I was thinking of Kelly. But then again, we were in the kitchen…

  2. 2 Kelly Parkinson August 20, 2009 at 10:38 am

    Ohhh, a list of lists! Thanks for the link! Now I’m feeling extra inspired to bust out the moleskin and mindmap myself silly. I think mindmapping might be to getting unstuck as squats are to building strength. Excellent compound movement that just does so many amazing things at once.

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