Lessons of Three Sorts

It’s Friday. Time for a round-up of the week’s Lessons Learned.

In the successful-application-of-previous-lessons-learned category:

I’m using a little worksheet that I invented for myself in thinking about how to close my week on Fridays and unplug for the weekend. Love it. It’s just the right amount of structure to help me transition from work-mind to play-mind. It generates all kinds of good stuff – not least: it makes it much easier to write this post.

Systems are just one big experiment. So it’s super cool when you try something new and it works. And because it works, it’s not such a big deal to follow through with doing it more than once. That happened to me several times this week. I decided to make some tweaks based on a few “never again” lessons, and they stuck. Awesome. [Specific examples to follow in a future post because they are that good.]

In the new-lessons-still-in-need-of-a-flotation-device category:

I learned (once again) that it’s really tricky for me to reflect on my experience (i.e., write blog posts) when I am processing other big ideas (i.e., writing course content).

I learned that the endings and beginnings of classes bring up stuff for me.

I learned that I get pretty cranked up (I mean that in the best possible way) during class calls – then don’t know what to do with that energy afterwords.

In the just-plain-positive-lessons category:

I’m learning there is time to do it now.

I’m learning how to do the half-right thing when I can’t do the whole right thing.

I’m learning that I don’t need to keep checking.

I learned that meditating before I work turns anxious but-I-don’t-have-time-for-this energy into grounded, ready energy. There is a significant difference.

I learned I can nap when I need to with Leonie’s help. (Up till now, I’ve found taking a quick nap to be kinda pointless considering it takes me two hours to fall asleep for a half hour. Not any more.)

I learned it’s really hard to stay cranky about something when I am hula hooping.

I learned (once again) that letting go of a should is not only liberating, but incredibly clarifying. Feeling murky? confused? uncomfortable? There’s probably a hurking big should in there somewhere.

I learned I can make necessary changes in my business without fearing drama or disapproval. There is, in fact, a very good chance I will be supported instead.

I learned I’m finally ready to do something I’ve been putting off.

I learned that seeds I planted in the summer grew and ripened and can now be harvested.

I learned I’ve learned a lot this year.

• • • • •

What did you learn this week?

• • • • •


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