Because 77 lentils deserve 77 more.

So Havi does this thing for American Thanksgiving. The Lentil Game, aka the Ungratitude Game. Or her list of 77 Things That Don’t Completely Suck.

It’s cool. It’s the sort of thing you read and think to yourself, “Ooh, fun! I want to make a list of 77 things that don’t completely suck!” Especially if you are hoping for a way of practicing gratitude without being pressured to say what you’re thankful for before you’re allowed to eat the turkey you only make once a year. (Mom and I are pretty good cooks, but a whole turkey? Just a series of educated guesses. At least one of which we got wrong yesterday. But don’t worry, we’re not sick or anything like that.)

But it’s especially cool if you turn out to be one of Havi’s lentils. #12. Right next to Marissa. [blushing] Lucky lucky me.

So, as Barbara did, I might be sending Havi a gift later. But for right now, the best way I could think of to say rightbackatcha sweetie! was to make my own list.

Like Havi, I’m sure I’ve forgotten important stuff. Like brie. And Portland. But it’s just a game. And we all know my life is richer than 77 things. There are tools and places and people not listed that I adore and am deeply grateful for. Like you.

So, with that, I present 77 Things That Don’t Completely Suck.

  1. The Lentil Game.
  2. Havi.
  3. My sweetheart.
  4. My poochaloo.
  5. Sauvie Island.
  6. Fetching sticks.
  7. Coffee.
  8. Parents I actually want to spend time with.
  9. Especially being spoiled by my mother.
  10. And my dad.
  11. And his wine collection.
  12. Which brings us to the privileges of having more than enough.
  13. Like this Apple laptop on which I’m crafting my post-turkey day list of 77 things that don’t suck.
  14. The internet.
  15. That allows me to earn my upkeep my way. In my pajamas.
  16. And connect with the most wonderful people.
  17. Models and colleagues like Jen.
  18. And Jen.
  19. And Guest Guides like Laura.
  20. And students-now-friends like Deborah.
  21. And Sarah.
  22. And Sarah.
  23. Twitter where I can hang out with said wonderful people who joke about things like It’s Talk About the Americans Behind Their Backs Day! (best Thanksgiving Day laugh ever – thanks @jovanevery).
  24. Allie – who knows how to make internety things work while looking all gorgeous (the unveiling is right around the corner!).
  25. Marissa – the spectacular person behind the curtain (well, I think of her as Rusty, but that’s a story for another time).
  26. Hint: Ocean’s Eleven – a guilty pleasure that also doesn’t suck.
  27. Not working alone anymore.
  28. BFF Annie.
  29. And our upcoming mastermind retreat – plotting! fireplaces! soaking in hot water!
  30. The entire profession of massage therapy (me and my arms thank you).
  31. Balms that feel and smell oh-so good.
  32. Ishbel – though it’s been much too long since she worked me over.
  33. Appliances like the dishwasher.
  34. And the washing machine.
  35. And the vacuum, not to mention, sigh, the rug shampooer. I love you.
  36. And shelter – shelter that keeps the rain and cold out definitely doesn’t suck.
  37. Rawhide – the second best dog-sitter.
  38. Linda – the first best dog everything.
  39. Except, Max would like to say, purple jolly balls – and bread.
  40. Did I mention a car that runs most of the time?
  41. Oh, and Waverly (swoon).
  42. And traditions.
  43. And permission to make up your own. Like the Lentil Game.
  44. Yarn.
  45. The occasional glossy magazine.
  46. I am thankful for yogurt.
  47. And day-of-the-week pill boxes.
  48. And bag clips from Ikea.
  49. As well as big reusable grocery bags.
  50. And giant poppy wall stickers that cheer my kitchen.
  51. The replacement of my favorite-but-worn-out-and-sadly-discontinued winter shoes my beloved found on ebay. Best early Christmas present ever.
  52. Walks.
  53. Being able to walk.
  54. Friendly neighbors to greet on our walks.
  55. Craigslist.
  56. Rather, my husband’s gift for manifesting both income and whatever else we need on Craigslist.
  57. Plus his punny punny sense of humor.
  58. And his techy talents (what would I do without an in-house IT department?).
  59. Which he applied to recording tv shows to watch later.
  60. Nova and Good Eats whenever I want them.
  61. Yeah, Alton Brown doesn’t suck.
  62. Naps.
  63. With Leonie.
  64. Down comforters.
  65. Art.
  66. That people make it.
  67. And I get to, too.
  68. Plus music. Music is good.
  69. Jamiroquai in the morning.
  70. Or Steely Dan.
  71. And Fabeku who takes sound to a whole new place (acutally, sound is where it’s always been, he just shows people where and what it really is).
  72. The ocean.
  73. The sky.
  74. And other perspective-restoring bits of nature.
  75. Like butterflies.
  76. The ancestors who came before us.
  77. And, of course, Thanksgiving leftovers.

4 Responses to “Because 77 lentils deserve 77 more.”

  1. 1 Tara November 27, 2009 at 12:02 pm

    Yay! Yarn made the list!
    You (and my time with you in Portland) was one of the non-suckiest events of the year!
    Happy we-talk-about-Canadians-every-day Day!

    • 2 Cairene November 27, 2009 at 1:33 pm

      Sharing Portland with you was definitely not sucky (and glad it’s a high point considering the sucky bit there at the end). And we got to have a little party. I got to touch your beautiful yarn. Yeah, definitely one of the non-suckiest events of the year!
      oxo C

  2. 3 Julie Stuart December 2, 2009 at 11:55 am

    Love your list. This may, in fact, inspire me to write one of my own.

    Looking forward to your call tomorrow. I’m all about the themes.

    • 4 Cairene December 2, 2009 at 12:46 pm

      I was a little surprised how long it took me to write (I mean, how hard is it to come up with 77 non-sucky things?), but it was really fun. Highly recommended.
      Yay for tomorrow! oxo C

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